Baby eat sleep : Baby teeth fall out order.

Baby Eat Sleep

baby eat sleep

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eat, sleep, breathe

eat, sleep, breathe

i feel like a flickr failure when i don't upload something at least once a week.

this is a really, really rough draft of a video i'm going to do when i get around to buying a new charger for my camcorder. filmed these clips with my built in webcam because i couldn't sleep last night, hahah. so i apologize for the poor quality.

i didn't realize the irony in the three books on my sidetable until after i filmed that shot.
1) a light in the attic- i've always loved shel silverstein. i think he's brilliant. whenever i read his books, i get ideas for writing. so it's kind of an inspirational book, although it's a children's book :P
2) invisible monsters by chuck palahniuk- this book is lifechanging. it made me think a lot and i think it changed the way i look at a lot of things. it's amazing. i've read it three times now
3) the holy bible- the only reason this is on my desk is because my dad's girlfriend bought it for me, haha. i'm not a religious person whatsoever. and if i were forced to choose a religion it would certainly not be christianity.
which is what makes
4) the little baby buddha so appropriate. if i did choose a religion, it would either be judaism or buddhism.

just a little something i thought i'd share :P


eat sleep breathe- copeland



I'm so frustrated I couldn't find the video camera for this - the still camera only shoots a few seconds, and to really get the full effect, you had to see him pu t the food in, chew, swallow, sign for milk, drink, and go for another bite. Love the sleep eating.

baby eat sleep

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