Beach Gear For Baby. Baby Born At 28 Weeks Pictures.

Beach Gear For Baby

beach gear for baby

    for baby
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beach gear for baby - Ah Goo

Ah Goo Baby Plush Pad with Memory Foam, Bubbles in Juice

Ah Goo Baby Plush Pad with Memory Foam, Bubbles in Juice

The Plush Pad by Ah Goo Baby has been awarded the title of "most comfortable changing station" by countless reputable parenting experts. Uniquely designed with a thick body-contouring memory foam cushion to soothe and support your baby's sensitive pressure points, it is the only portable surface for your baby that can be used for diaper changes around the home, during travel, and on-the-go, yet also double as the perfect surface for tummy time and infant/parent classes. Your baby will relish each moment he lounges on The Plush Pad. Machine washable with two layers of water-repellant barriers, it is as durable as any of your fine bed linens. Wash the cover much like a pillowcase. Remove the foam inner before washing. Overall dimensions: 22" H x 22" W x 0.5" D.

80% (8)

39849PCN JonasBeach

39849PCN JonasBeach

follow me on twitter: hunJONASfan

The Jonas Brothers flim scenes for their upcoming show on the beach in Los Angeles. The trio played their instruments on the beach and had fun with many props such as big surfboard guitars and baseball gear. A large crowd of young girls gathered by the beach and looked on as they played around on set.

Photograph: ©Gaz Shirley_Kevin Perkins/
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who's watching who

who's watching who

I've been absent from flickr lately, but a promotion, new baby, and other things tend to put photography on the back burner a little....

This is a shot from my trip to Virginia Beach this summer for work....

On another note, I will be switching from Olympus to Nikon soon... My gear is on the way as we speak.... Olympus has been good to me and I wouldn't be where I am without it, but I felt like it was time for a change....

I'm thankful for everyone I've met in some of the Olympus groups and will keep checking in and following their streams.....

Wish me luck! :)

beach gear for baby

beach gear for baby

Beach Gear By Willits Toddler/Little Kid Wave Thong,Fuchsia/Lime,8 M US Toddler

10462_8_M Color: Fuchsia / Lime, Size: 8 Available in Multiple Colors! Kids' Wave Sandal by Willits Features: -Kids' Wave in Fuchsia / White. -Part of the Wave collection. -Canvas upper. -Canvas polka dot thong. -EVA sole. -Slip-on shoe closure. -Available in your choice of:. -Fuchsia / White (19401). -Brown / White (19405). -Fuchsia / Lime (10462). -Black / Multi (10466). Need help finding or measuring the right size for you? Need to convert your size between country standards? Click here to see our Size Guide!

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