4 IN 1 BABY CRIBS : 4 IN 1

4 in 1 baby cribs : Beach shoes for babies : Portable video baby monitor.

4 In 1 Baby Cribs

4 in 1 baby cribs

    baby cribs
  • (Baby crib) An infant bed (commonly referred to as a cot in British English and a crib (or far less commonly as a cradle or stock) in American English) is a small bed specifically for infants and very young children, generally up to 3 years old.

  • (Baby Crib) A small bed with high, usually slatted sides made for ensuring the baby won’t climb or fall out. Baby cribs may be simple, or they may have features such as built-in soothing music, varying speed vibrations, and a mobile or toys hanging overhead.

    in 1
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  • Shampoo and conditioner combined in one bottle for convenience for people with normal, healthy hair. There are essentially 2 ingredients that have been added to a regular shampoo to make it a 2-in-1 product: silicone and a suspending agent.

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4 in 1 baby cribs - Baby Mozart

Baby Mozart

Baby Mozart

No Description Available.
Genre: Childrens
Media Format: Compact Disk
Release Date: 7-MAY-2002

Of all the reasons you'll click the Add to Shopping Cart button next to Baby Einstein's Baby Mozart--and there are many--the best one is that playing this record for babies doesn't feel weird. Instead of subjecting tiny, tender ears to the kind of Mozart that can make adult classical fans wilt when tackled by a maestro who means business, this is Mozart lite, mixed and mastered by a dad, Bill Weisbach, who's clearly hung around for his share of crib-side cooing. The slightly tinny sound of a child's piano sweeps the sting out of Piano Sonata in B Flat's third movement; the first movement of Concerto for Flute and Harp in C floats by, birdlike; variations on "Ah vous dirai-je, Maman" translate to a fancy-sounding (but adorable) "Twinkle, Twinkle"; and Piano Sonata in F's third movement snuggles so deeply into its childlike setting that if you close your eyes, you'll see a pastel parade of animals floating by overhead. Other pieces (more aptly called fragments, since only one track stretches beyond the three-minute mark), like Symphony No. 41's fourth movement, wander into more robust Mozart territory, but it's here the claims about classical music enhancing young kids' abstract reasoning skills and spatial intelligence crystallize. Babies strapped in for a roller coaster of sounds that gracefully dips, swerves, and high-jumps like this version, do have to process what they're hearing somehow (and a case could be made that the instruments Weisbach's chosen--the vibraphone, glockenspiel, and music box among them--make it more appealing for them to do so). Followers of Julie Aigner-Clark's Baby Einstein empire, many of whom opted out of the fan club once Disney bought the company in 2001, won't trip over a single Mickey Mouse-ified sound here. This is pure, plugged in, and muted Mozart, and if it doesn't make your baby smarter, it'll at least sound awfully sweet issuing from your nursery's speakers. --Tammy La Gorce

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1-1950-1955 Boopsie, 8" tall, all hard plastic jointed body, with molded painted hair, painted side glancing sleep eyes, came wearing a cotton diaper closed with a safety pin, marked: Ideal (within a circle) Pat. Pend. VERY NICE CONDITION, NEVER PLAYED WITH.










My Toys And Ducky Crib Shoes Booties Baby Slippers with Denim Bottom

My Toys And Ducky Crib Shoes Booties Baby Slippers with Denim Bottom

My Toys And Ducky crib shoes for your little girl or boy:) Fun ducky and toys pattern, so adorable! Inside lined with same pattern and also blue denim outside bottom and inside too. A great pair of shoes for your fun day of play or just needing your toesies covered up in style. All items come from a smoke-free home. Pattern position will very but I know each pair of shoes will be adorable! Great baby shower gift or buy a pair for your little one:)

Newborn: 1-2"
0-6 month: 2 1/2-4"
6-12 month: 4 1/2-6"
12-18 month: 6 1/2-8"
18-24 month: 8 1/2-10"

please note which size you would like:)

4 in 1 baby cribs

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Baby alive sip and slurp - Baby shower favor tag wording - Chicco little driver baby walker digital.

Baby Alive Sip And Slurp

baby alive sip and slurp

    baby alive
  • Baby Alive is a baby doll made by Hasbro that eats, drinks and wets. Its mouth moves and is supposed to be lifelike. It was originally made and introduced by Kenner in 1973, and reintroduced by Hasbro in 2006. Today, Baby Alive is offered in Caucasian, African-American, and Hispanic varieties.

  • Yahoo! Slurp is a web crawler from Yahoo! that obtains content for the Yahoo! Search engine. Slurp is based on search technology Yahoo! acquired when it purchased Inktomi.

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baby alive sip and slurp - Baby Alive

Baby Alive Sip 'N Slurp Birthday Doll

Baby Alive Sip 'N Slurp Birthday Doll

Moms-in-training can celebrate their baby doll's birthday every day with this adorable birthday doll. Just squeeze her tummy to watch this baby doll do all kinds of unbelievable things, like blow on her party blower or blow out the "magic" candle on her cupcake! This amazing doll also "drinks" through the straw in her sippy cup, and makes playing "mommy" extra special when she wets her diaper! A quick change and this baby is ready to party all over again. Doll comes with t-shirt, sippy cup with straw, party blower and cupcake with "magic" candle. Doll measures 13"H.

86% (11)

baby alive with baby jesus

baby alive with baby jesus

My little cousin Amelia, nearly 3 years old, got this baby alive for Christmas and positioned it with a baby of its own, jesus.

Baby... Alive?

Baby... Alive?

baby alive & i are not friends.
mostly because i am terrified of her.

baby alive sip and slurp

baby alive sip and slurp

Baby Alive Sippy Time Snack Set

When it's snack time, make sure your BABY ALIVE or SIP 'N SLURP doll (each sold separately) has everything she needs with this adorable snack set! Put one her special outfit and you're ready to feed her! Mix up some of her doll juice and give her the "magic" cookie. Gently press it to the doll's mouth, and it looks like she's really taking a bite! There's also a fresh diaper for when your doll wets the one she's wearing! Includes 2-piece outfit, 2 packets of doll juice mix, "magic" cookie and diaper.

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Baby Boutiques In La

baby boutiques in la

  • A small store selling fashionable clothes or accessories

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baby boutiques in la - Ergo Baby

Ergo Baby Carrier - Camel

Ergo Baby Carrier - Camel

ERGObaby Original CarrierThere is no better feeling than holding your baby close!Using the ERGObaby carrier gives you continuous connection, fabulous feeling of freedom, and security knowing your baby is safe.This is the all-in-one soft baby carrier, assisting you through all the stages of your baby's growth and moving from front to hip to back position easily.Parents tell us the ERGObaby carrier is the best of all the baby carriers on the market. It was designed by Karin Frost and has undergone

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Boutique Hotel Albatros, Varigotti, Savona

Boutique Hotel Albatros, Varigotti, Savona

I servizi che offriamo ai nostri ospiti sono:
Parcheggio Privato gratuito e garantito fino al check-out
Servizio Bar in terrazza
Sala lettura
Internet Wireless gratuito in camera e nelle zone comuni
Servizio Fax
Quotidiani Nazionali e Internazionali a disposizione

Servizi per Bambini:
Set accappatoio baby e amenities varie
Scalda biberon
Piastra per pappe
I servizi sono pensati per aiutare mamme e papa a soddisfare le esigenze e i bisogni dei loro bambini.

Per lo sport:
Biciclette a disposizione del cliente
Bastoni per il Nordic Walking

Ristoranti: nelle immediate vicinanze dell'hotel, comodamente raggiungibili a piedi, si trovano rinomati ristoranti, dove poter scoprire ed assaporare la cucina tipica ligure. La direzione vi indichera dettagliatamente i ristoranti.

Ooh la la headband in pure white or pure pink by Under my Wing

Ooh la la headband in pure white or pure pink by Under my Wing

Stretchy interchangeable headband with sequin and bead encrusted full bloom.

baby boutiques in la

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Baby Cradles Plans

baby cradles plans

  • (cradle) hold gently and carefully; "He cradles the child in his arms"

  • (cradle) a baby bed with sides and rockers

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baby cradles plans - Green Frog

Green Frog Art Rocking Baby Cradle, Allegro

Green Frog Art Rocking Baby Cradle, Allegro

A modern look to complement your modern lifestyle, this cradles rich espresso finish and solid workmanship give it the distinctive look and feel of fine furniture. Using a cradle for sleeping in the first few months of babys life is the perfect way to keep him or her close by. Our cradles beautiful, traditional styling make them a perfect compliment to your master bedroom, family room or wherever in your home you spend the most time. Green Frog Art cradles are tall enough to allow easy access and large enough to provide for some growing room. Two kickstand style brakes are provided so that the cradle can go from gently rocking to stationary with simply the flip of your foot. When baby outgrows the cradle, it can become a piece of accent furniture filled with toys, dolls, blankets or stuffed animals, and will be a treasured family heirloom to pass to the next generation. Cradle is recommended for babies up to 25lbs. who are not yet pushing up on hands and knees. Cradle mattress is included!

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My name is Chloe; When I became pregnant three years ago I really believed that it would be enough to make my boyfriend Paul stop taking drugs. We have been together now for twelve years and it was after five years that Paul was introduced to heroin by an old school friend that had just been released from prison and had tried the drug whilst inside. Paul tried heroin and was instantly addicted to the way it made him feel. Over the next couple of years I watched helplessly as he changed from being a decent lad with a good job to a desperate junkie. But I loved him and desperately wanted to believe he could get clean. I tried everything to get him off drugs -even buying us a lovely flat together, but nothing worked. Heroin had a grip over him and he just couldn't stop doing what he was doing. I saw having a baby as our last chance but not even that worked. Paul promised ''I'll get clean this time." Instead I ended up having a breakdown and I joined him on the heroin when I was six weeks pregnant. I know it sounds crazy but I was feeling very worried and anxious about our futures and the bin liner of unpaid bills. I couldn't beat Paul so I joined him. I risked everything by trying a drug I knew would only lead to squalor, never mind my own self-respect as a mother-to-be. I don't know what I was thinking about. I remember watching Paul smoking heroin and something inside seemed to snap. Striding into the living room I demanded he let me have a go. Paul was reluctant especially as I was carrying our child but he just wasn't in his right mind and wasn't in control of his own life so how could he stop me. As I drew on it I felt instantly nauseous. I finished it, and then dashed to the loo to throw up. But afterwards I couldn't believe how calm it made me feel; all my fears floated away. The next day I was disgusted with myself and swore, 'never again'. Naively, I thought I could control heroin, but just 3 days later I took it again.

Our bills weren't being paid and all sorts of companies and people were after us for money and we just couldn't pay any of them because we needed all our money for heroin. By the time our daughter Seren was born our home was repossessed because we hadn't been paying the mortgage repayments and we had both lost our jobs as data processors. We had run up huge debts on my credit cards buying things we needed for the baby and couldn't repay them. Everyone was after us for money. As I cradled my baby in my arms in the hospital, I felt a desperate fear for the future. I had no one to turn to. My parents, dad's a retired policeman and mum's a schoolteacher, had always been so proud of me but I was too ashamed to tell them about our addiction to heroin and I had no close friends to confide in. Every morning when I got up I would have to get stoned just so that I could look after Seren, it got to the point that heroin just took my aches and pains away and made me feel normal. Over the next year my drug problem spiralled out of control, as Paul's had done. We slipped into a routine, I'd see to Seren in the morning while Paul was out buying drugs, usually with money I'd borrowed from my parents. In the afternoon, while our baby slept, we'd get stoned. Sometimes I would take her to the mums and toddlers group, stoned. It's a miracle no one ever phoned social services, something I now thank God for. I hardly slept or ate and my weight dropped to under 7 stone. I didn't care that I looked a mess, I only cared about heroin. One day I broke down in tears and told my mum that Paul was a heroin addict but I was far too ashamed to confess I was too. She was horrified but admitted that she had had her suspicions however she was also incredibly supportive and came round with bags of shopping and food, nappies and clothes for Seren.

We finally got a letter saying our flat in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, was being repossessed and I was declared bankrupt. Altogether I owed ?35,000 - ?22,800 on the mortgage and ?12,000 on my credit cards plus unpaid bills. It was only then that I confessed to my parents that I was a junkie too. I thought they'd disown me but again they came to my aid. While we waited for a council house I took Seren home to my parents' and Paul went to live with his mum. I knew I had to stop taking heroin and decided to go 'cold turkey'. It was horrendous. My body would go into spasms; sometimes I was so stiff I couldn't move. It was thousands of times worse than the worst flu you can imagine. I'd scream out for the relief only heroin could give me while mum and dad took it in turns to see to Seren. It worked. After three weeks both Paul and I had kicked the drugs and we moved back in together. But over the next six months our drug problem snowballed again until it was costing us nearly ?600 a week. We reached a point that we knew that we just couldn't carry on. Poor little Seren would never have anything in life unless we did something to sort ourselves out. Paul's mum was a Christian an

Cradle Rape

Cradle Rape

A few years back , I was invited by my friend Fahad Pathan to shoot the body piercers or Rafaees near the Mahim Dargah of the Holy Saint Makhdoom Shah Baba Mahimi and this was the first time that I was shooting this Sufi sequence..
The needles were and sharp rusty were rubbed against the ground to make them more sharp ,and were being pushed into the faces of two devotees. one was a mute and he kept signaling me with his eyes to shoot him, the other much older in his 20s was reticent and there was something scary about him, a calm before a storm kind of feeling in the viewfinder and my guts..
I was part of this procession and Fahad Pathan is a celebrity figure , his late father was the Peshimam of the Mosque at the Dargah.
I completed my shoot all on negatives, and the following morning there was an article in the newspaper about a 6 month girl child that was raped by a boy.. I had a strange intuition I knew it was the older boy who might have committed this act as the incident happened in Mahim close to the Dargah , I called Fahad and he was astonished as it was the same person I had shot the night before.
This alleged rapist the Rafaee, who on seeing the neighbors child crying had taken it from the mother to calm the baby and had committed this heinous act of sheer unspeakable brutality….in a lane..
I have no imagination to even picturise what must have taken place.. between the older boy and a six month defenseless child ..

I had blown up the prints of the procession including the boy Rafaees for salon participation, I immediately removed the rapists pictures.. till date they have filled me with sheer hate and disgust.
Last when I discussed this matter with Fahad he told me the lawyers were planning an insanity plea as he is a bit disoriented lad, and with judicious defence he is out on bail and the case is going on , I don’t know what happened to the six month old child.. she must be about 5 years or older now…
Rape is crime that is unforgivable and brutalizes not only the persons body but the entire future life and her consciousness.. rape is also a fashion statement.in bollywood movies. rape has different connotation for different people but RAPE is a blunt weapon that destroys everything in a woman.. and a rapist should hang.. no mercy no bargain plea…
And defence lawyers who twist facts to get their clients out on benefit of doubt and other technical savviness too should hang along with their clients..

I saw him
The Rafaee
At Mahim Dargah
his eyes dangerously
his inner chaos
his inner lies
each needle that pricked his face
his face , his lips his ears , his eyebrows
did it really the evil in him chastise..
silence more silence as replies..
the same guy takes the neighbours
six month child .. to calm her innocent cries
in an alley rapes her brutalize
heinously leaves her bleeding ..
she lives ...but does she
a part of mankind dies..
he is scott free out on bail,,
insanity plea..society sucks
what a compromise
man a monster in disguise
another case that will gather dust
to tell you how time flies
all you need is a maverick
story telling defense lawyer
the rape case to stylize
deviously devilishly devise
justice blindfolded
hung by lawyer s neckties
and the honourable judge
bangs the gavel
case dismissed
shuts his eyes.

baby cradles plans

baby cradles plans

Sweet-Dreams Doll Cradle: Downloadable Woodworking Plan

Now that you've given your kids (or grandkids) armloads of dolls and stuffed animals, they're probably ready for some pint-sized furniture for their make-believe friends. Our full-size patterns take the guesswork out of constructing this child-pleaser.
Measures 17-1/4" wide x 25" long.
About WOOD Magazine downloadable plans
For error-free construction, each downloadable plan includes a bill of materials, a cutting diagram, a detailed supplies listing, and, when necessary, a mail-order buying guide for hard-to-find hardware.
For a clear idea of how our projects go together, each downloadable plan includes an exploded-view drawing with helpful details. All drawings are done professionally by the WOOD Magazine staff of woodworkers and illustrators.
Large color photos and step-by-step instructions show exactly how we built the project in the WOOD magazine shop. We build each project ourselves to work out any bugs before you ever get the plan.
Detail drawings and step-by-step illustrations provide necessary dimensions and machining processes you'll need to make the building process as straightforward as possible.
Note: This is a downloadable woodworking plan. All other materials must be purchased separately.

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Baby eat sleep : Baby teeth fall out order.

Baby Eat Sleep

baby eat sleep

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eat, sleep, breathe

eat, sleep, breathe

i feel like a flickr failure when i don't upload something at least once a week.

this is a really, really rough draft of a video i'm going to do when i get around to buying a new charger for my camcorder. filmed these clips with my built in webcam because i couldn't sleep last night, hahah. so i apologize for the poor quality.

i didn't realize the irony in the three books on my sidetable until after i filmed that shot.
1) a light in the attic- i've always loved shel silverstein. i think he's brilliant. whenever i read his books, i get ideas for writing. so it's kind of an inspirational book, although it's a children's book :P
2) invisible monsters by chuck palahniuk- this book is lifechanging. it made me think a lot and i think it changed the way i look at a lot of things. it's amazing. i've read it three times now
3) the holy bible- the only reason this is on my desk is because my dad's girlfriend bought it for me, haha. i'm not a religious person whatsoever. and if i were forced to choose a religion it would certainly not be christianity.
which is what makes
4) the little baby buddha so appropriate. if i did choose a religion, it would either be judaism or buddhism.

just a little something i thought i'd share :P


eat sleep breathe- copeland



I'm so frustrated I couldn't find the video camera for this - the still camera only shoots a few seconds, and to really get the full effect, you had to see him pu t the food in, chew, swallow, sign for milk, drink, and go for another bite. Love the sleep eating.

baby eat sleep

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